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the roar of lightning will come crashing down

so you better be ready to turn this thunder around.

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" rule one: bemyself!
rule two: get people to
understand me! "

Interests (45):

arts n crafts, ass renovation, bad bad bathhouse, beating up shadows, beats up bikers, chie-senpai, crass and loud, customized shirts, cute things~, eating, faaaaaaaabulouuuussss, fake tattoos, food, fuck boss fight, gdit, haets cops, i love women, investigating, is not gay, lol case, making shit, misunderstood, murdeeeeer?!1, my mom, mysterious types, nanako-chan, naoto ilu imean, naoto-kun, no rejection prz, pot fucking holders, puppet classes, rakukaja fuck yeah, rise-kun, rokuten maoh, sewing, shadows, skulls, souji-senpai, swearing, take mikazuchi, teddie, using chairs as weapons, weak to wind, yosuke-senpai, yukiko-senpai
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